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  • Ningbo Excellence Communicated Connector Co., Ltd

  •  [Zhejiang,China]
  • Business Type:Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Europe , Worldwide
  • Exporter:61% - 70%
  • Certs:ISO9001, ISO14001, CE
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Ningbo Excellence Communicated Connector Co., Ltd

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About Us

Ningbo Excellence Communicated Connector Co Ltd established in 2001 As a Taiwanese company we have factory in both Taoyuan Taiwan and Ningbo China We specialized in patch cords RJ45 Connectors and RJ11 RJ12 Modular plugs We are a professional manufacturer for patch cords and RJ45 connectors Our factory area is 16 000 square meters and now we have nearly 400 employees We could provide sufficient capacity and flexible lead time Our capacity for patch cord is over 600 000PCS per month including Cat5e Cat6 Cat6A patch cords for RJ45 Connectors and RJ11 RJ12 modular plug is over 30 000 000pcs per month including the plug in 8P8C 8P4C 6P6C 6P4C 4P4C 4P2C With a strong R D team we launched new...

Categories and Products

Cat6A Patch Cord

Cat6A U/UTP Patch Cord

Cat6A Patch Cord LSZH Cat6A UTP Patch Cord PVC 10G Cat.6A Patch Cable C6A UTP 10G Patch Lead Cat.6A Easy Patch Cord Category 6A 10G Patch Lead 10G Unshielded Patch Cord Patch Cord Cat6A Unshielded UTP CAT.6A RJ45 Patch Cord Cat.6A UTP Cable Assembly Easy Solution 10G Patch Lead CAT.6A UTP RJ45 Patch Cord Cat6A 10G Assembly Patch Cord 10G Cat.6A Easy Patch Cord Patch Lead Cat.6A UTP C6A UTP RJ45 Patch Cord Cat6A Unshielded Modular Cord 10G Unshielded Networking Patch Cable Cat6A Patch Cable Assemblies CAT6A UTP RJ45 Patch Cord 

Cat6A U/FTP Patch Cord

Cat6A Patch Cable Wiring Cat6A UFTP Copper Patch Cord Patch Cord Category 6 UTP Cat6A Network Ethernet Cable 10 Gigabit Speed Patch Cord Cat6A 10G Networking Patch Cable 10G Patch Cable Wiring 10G U/FTP Copper Patch Cord Cat6A Unshielded Foiled Patch Cord Cat.6A U/FTP 10G Patch Cord Cat6A LSZH Patch Cable U/FTP CAT6A PATCH CABLE 

Cat6A S/FTP Patch Cord

Cat.6A S/FTP Modualr Cord Cat.6A Easy Patch Cord SSTP Category 6A 10G Patch Cord Cat6A Shielded Patch Lead C6A Slide Patch Cord C6A 10G Patch Lead 10G Shielded Copper Patch Cord Patch Cord Cat.6A SFTP Cat6A Pure Copper LAN Cables 500MHz Shielded Ethernet Cable Cat6A SSTP Security Patch Cord 10G BC Patch Cable 10 Gigabit Cat.6A Easy Patch Cord 10G S/FTP Copper Patch Cord Category 6A Computer Patch Cord Slide Patch Cord Cat6A Shielding Copper RJ45 Patch Cord 10G C6A Easy Patch Cord Cat6A Patch Cord SSTP LSZH CAT6A Patch Cord S/FTP LSZH 

Cat.6A F/FTP Patch Cord

Patch Cord CAT6A FFTP Golden Shielding Cat6A Patch Cord 

Cat6 Patch Cord

Cat6 U/UTP Patch Cord

Cat6 Patch Cord Flat Cable UTP Cat6 Ethernet Patch Cord Patch Cable UTP CAT6 1M Cat6 Patch Cable Lockable Patch Lead with Key Telephone Flat Patch Cord Patch Cord Cat6 AMP Computer Patch Cable Category 6 RJ45 Patch Cord CAT6 Cat6 Patch Lead Wiring 3 Inch Patch Cable Unshielded Cat6 Assmebly Cable Copper Patch Cord Cat6 Flat Telephone Patch Cord Cat6 Flat Patch Cable Cat6 Communication Patch Cable Easy Solution Patch Lead Ethernet Cable U/UTP Cat6 Cat6 Copper Patch Cord Locking Patch Cord With Key 

Cat6 F/UTP Patch Cord

Cat6 Patch Cord FTP Cat6 FTP Patch Cord Cat6 Flat Patch Lead Cat6 Foiled Patch Cable Network Patch Cable Category 6 Jump Wire with RJ45 Plug Flat Cat6 UTP Network Cable Cat6 FTP Jumper Cables Cat6 Shielded BC Patch Cord Indoor Patch Cord Cat6 Cat6 FTP Copper Patch Cord Cat 6 FTP Modular Cord Shielding Copper RJ45 Patch Lead 

Cat6 U/FTP Patch Cord

Cat.6 UTP Cable Assembly Cat6 UFTP Bulk Cable 

Cat6 S/FTP Patch Cord

Cat6 Patch Cord SFTP LSZH Cat6 S/FTP Copper Patch Cord Cat6 Easy Patch Cord Cat6 SSTP Patch Cord CAT6 SFTP Patch Lead Movable Boot Patch Lead Cat6 RJ45-RJ45 Network Cable Shielding and Braiding Copper Cable 4-Pair Twisted Cat6 Cable Cat6 Patch Cord ETL Certified CAT6 Double Shielded Patch Lead STP Cat6 Easy Patch Cord RJ45 Cat 6 SSTP RJ45-RJ45 Network Cable Network Patch Cord Cat6 AMP Easy Cord With Hand Tool C6 Networking Easy Patch Cord SFTP CAT.6 RJ45 Patch Cord Cat6 S/FTP Pcopper Patch Cord Cat6 Shielded Modular Cord Ethernet Patch Cord Cat6 SSTP 

Cat5E Patch Cord

Cat5E U/UTP Patch Cord

Category 5 Patch Cord Network Cable C5e UTP 1m Cat5e Patch Cord Cat5e UTP Network Commuincation Cable Category 5E Communication Patch Cord 5m Cat5e RJ45 Network Cable UTP Cat5e Flat Patch Cord UL List Cat5e Patch Cord 1 FT Cat5e Patch Cable RJ45 UTP Network Cable CAT5E Cat.5 UTP Modular Cable Cat5e Coper Patch Lead Cat5e Unshielded BC Patch Cord UL List Cat5e RJ45 Patch Cord Cat.5e UTP BC Patch Cord Fluke Testing Network Cable UTP Category 5e Networking Patch Lead Category 5e Patch Cord Copper Patch Cord Cat.5e UTP UTP Cat5e RJ45 Patch Cord 

Cat5E F/UTP Patch Cord

Cat5e Foil and Shielded Cable Cat 5 RJ45-RJ45 Network Cable 26AWG Cat5e FTP Patch Cord Cat5e FUTP Networking Patch Cable Cat.5e Shielded Modular Cord Jump Wire Cat.5e FTP 

Cat5E SF/UTP Patch Cord

Cat5e SF/UTP Patch Cord Systimax Ethernet Patch Cord Cat5e Short Patch Cable 

Cat6 RJ45 Connector

Cat6 RJ45 Connector UTP

Cat6A Plug with Assembly Tool 10 Pin RJ45 Connector 8P8C Computer Modular Plug C6A 10G Modular Plug Cat6 RJ45 Short Body Connector Cat6 8P8C Unshielded Plug 10P10C Electrical RJ Connector UTP Plug with New Blade Cat.5e Key Modular Plug Cat6 UTP Component Plug(2+6) Colorful RJ11 RJ12 RJ45 Connector Colorful RJ45 Plug Connector RJ45 Ethernet Connector Cat6 Different Color RJ45 Connectors 10 Pin RJ48 Connector Cat6 One Part Plug One Part Cat6 Plug Male Female Connectors Cat6 RJ45 8P8C Modular Jack CAT6 RJ45 Plug Gold Plated 50U 

Cat6 RJ45 Connector FTP

Big OD Cat.6A STP Plug RJ45 connector Cat6A 1.5mm Patch Cord CAT6 STP Big OD Cable Connector RJ45 Shielded Connector for Cat6 Fat Cable Golden Plug Two Level Wire Whole Cat6 Plug Cat 6A 8P8C Shielded Connector Cat.7 Shielded Network Plug Cat6 Shield Assembly Plug Modular Plug for Cat.6 Flat Cable Fat Cable Plug Connector Cat.6 FTP Communication Cable Cat 6 Shielded Cable Connector Cat6 RJ45 Plug Shielded Cat6 STP Short Body Plug Patch Cord RJ45 8P8C RJ45 Cable Connector Cat6 AMP Patch Cord Plug Cat6 Metal Plug Short Body 

Cat5E RJ45 Connector

Cat5E RJ45 Connector UTP

RJ45 Connector for Cat5e UTP Connector RJ45 for CAT5 Cable Cat.5 UTP Modular Plug Network Modular Plug 8P8C Gold Plated RJ45 Connector Gold Plating RJ45 Male Connector RJ45 8P8C Plug Connector Cat 5e Crimping Plug RJ45 Wire New Plug RJ48 Connector 10 Pair Colorful Computer Modular Plug Connector RJ45 for Computer Cable Cat.5E UTP Short Connector RJ45 Cat 5E Crimp Plug 8 Position RJ45 Modular Plug Different Color RJ45 Plug 8P8C Cat5e Patch Cable Plug RJ45 Male Cat5 connector Plug 8P8C Transparent Green 8P8C Modular Plug Unshield RJ45 

Cat5E RJ45 Connector FTP

Cat5 Shielded Modular Plug Cat5e STP Modular Plug Ethernet Lan RJ45 Connector RJ45 Connector for Cat5e Foil Cable RJ45 Male Cat5e Shielded Plug Cat5e 8P8C FTP Connector Metal RJ45 Connector for Cat5e Shield RJ45 Connector Male Female Cat5e Shielded RJ45 Modular Plug Cat5e STP RJ45 Connector Cat5 Shielded 8P8C Connector Cat5e shielded STP Modular Plug Cat5e Shielded Modular Plug Shielded Connector RJ45 Cat6 Shielded RJ45 Male Connector 

Telephone Connector

Telephone Connector 4P

RJ11 Telephone Plug 4P4C RJ11 Telephone Plug Connector Telephone Plug RJ11 4P4C 4P4C Crimp Plug RJ11 RJ11 Modular Connector 4 Pin 4P4C Plug Connector RJ11 

Telephone Connector 6P

6P6C Telephone Flat Plug Telephone Connector RJ11 RJ12 6 PIN Telephone Connector RJ11 4P Male Connector RJ12 RJ45 Network Plug RJ12 Flat Telephone Plug 6 PIN RJ12 Telephone Connector RJ12 6P4C Crimp Plug RJ12 Shielded Plug 6P6C 6P2C RJ12 Plug Connector RJ12 Male Plug Connector RJ12 Phone Plug P66 RJ12 Electrical Plug 6P6C 6P6C Flat Modular Connector RJ12 Flat Plug Connector RJ12 6P6C Unshielded Connector Male Female Connectors RJ12 RJ12 P66 Flat Connector RJ12 Telephone Plug 6P6C Male Telephone Connector RJ12 

Telephone Connector 10P

RJ48 10P10C Plug Connector RJ48 10P10C Unshielded Connector 

110 Connector

110 Connector 1 Pair

110 Connector 1 Pair 110 1 PR Patch Cable 1PR 110 Cat5e Connector Networking Cable 110-110 1PR 110 Computer Connector One Pair 

110 Connector 2 Pair

110 Connector 2 Pair 110 Connector 2 PR 110 2 Pair Transparent Connector 2 Pair 110 Patch Cord 110 Phone Connector 2 Pair 110 Type Voice Connector 110 Computer Connector 2 Pair 

110 Connector 4 Pair

110 Connector 4 Pair 110-110 RJ45 Voice Connector 110-110 RJ45 Modular Plug 110-110 4PR Phone Plug 4PR 110 Connector Patch Cord 2 PR 110 Connector 110 Telephone Connector 4 Pair 110 PC Computer Connector 110 Transparent Computer Connector 110 4PR Ivory Connector 4PR 110 Transparent Connector 110 4 Pair Connector 

RJ45 Connector Strain Relief

RJ45 Strain Relief Match with EXW Connector Cat6 Boot Shielded & Unshielded Colorful Strain Relief Boot Colorful Rubber Assembly Boot Big OD Boot for Fat Cable CAT6 UTP Plug Boot Big OD Rubber Boot Cat6a Colorful Strain Relief Rubber Strain Relief Boot RJ45 Strain Relief Plugboot RJ45 Strain Relief Colorful Cat6 Assembly Boot Transparent RJ45 Boot for Cat5e Cable RJ45 Patch Cable Boots RJ45 Cat6 Connector Boots Big OD Cable Boots Transparent Boot Cover RJ45 RJ45 Cable Assembly Boot RJ45 Cable Boot OEM Big OD Cable Rubber Boot 

Cat6A RJ45 Connector

Cat6A RJ45 Connector UTP

Cat6A UTP 4 Piece Connector Cat6A Plug with Red Tool 3 Pieces C6A Assembly Plug Cat7 RJ45 Plug with Blue Tool RJ45 UTP Network Cable Connector C6 Assembly Plug with Asisting Tool Cat6A 8P8C Unshielded Connector 500MHZ Unshielded RJ45 Plug 

Cat6A RJ45 Connector FTP

Cat6A STP Gold Plug UL Certificated Cat6A Modular Plug UL List Cat6A STP RJ45 Cat6A STP Modular Plug Cat6e Ethernet Metal Connector Fat Cable Modular Connector Glolden Plug RJ45 8P8C 500MHz Shielded Cat6A Plug RJ45 Male Connector Cat.6A Cat7 STP Modular Plug Cat 7 Patch Cable Connector Cat 6A shielded Connector Cat6A 8P8C Shielded Gloden Connector Big OD Connector Cat7 Cat7 Fat Cable Modular Plug Fat Cable Boot RJ45 Cat.6A FTP Connector Cover RJ45 Connector for Fat Cable RJ45 Connector CAT6A FTP Fat Cable RJ45 Solution 

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